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hi, i'm megan!

I know what it’s like to feel a bit lost as you figure out the BEST next steps to grow your wedding business. I’ve been there, done that and I want to help you avoid as much of the speedbumps and road blocks that come with growing your business with intention.

I’m a wedding planner and business owner of 11+ years... not a self-proclaimed “guru” that has ALL the answers.

What I do know is how to help wedding pros grow their businesses without the stress and overwhelm that often comes with entrepreneurship. I’ve coached hundreds of entrepreneurs through all the momentous growth points of entrepreneurship: raising their prices, hiring team members, expanding into new locations, creating venue partnerships, adding streams of revenue, and even selling their businesses. 

How’d I get here? Through sweat, self-doubt, a few business curveballs, lots of tears and my fair share of mistakes.. And I’m not the only one — as a podcast host and international speaker, I’ve made friends with some of the big names in the industry who have the same story: they built their businesses the hard way. 

I want to meet you where you are right now in business and create an easier path for you. Whether you're looking for one-on-one coaching, a community and ongoing education (LINK TO: www.theplannersvault.com), or templates to save you hours in front of your computer, you’re in the right place.

Fill out the contact form and let’s set up a time to chat! 

Wedding Planner. Business Owner. Podcaster. Speaker. Consultant. Wife. Mom.

I'm also available for speaking engagements and have spoken across the US and Canada for CaterSource, WeddingMBA, NACE and WIPA, The Rising Tide Society, and many university classrooms… I love to travel and connect with others! Topics Include: Client Experience, Boundaries in Business, Balancing Work and Life in a 24/7 Industry, Imposter Syndrome As A Wedding Pro, Vendor Networking Tips, Building A Team, and More!

Kathleen Stoehr (Catersource), Director of Content and Education


"To be honest—I’m thrilled. You came in as one of the top 10 sessions at the conference which is terrific for a new presenter. So glad you’d like to return! We welcome you with open arms."

Kristin Light, Venue Owner (toronto, ca)

"Right from the start, Megan had everyone's attention! She's utterly charming and a wonderful presenter, and shared so many valuable business tips for our guests. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Megan as a presenter in future, she's the real deal."

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