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1. Why Hire Us? Or Are You the Right Wedding Planner for Me?

We’ve been in the industry for awhile now and promise to keep it real with you on the ins and outs of planning a wedding… from selecting your perfect vendor team to what matters most and what matters least when it comes to a great guest experience. Planning a wedding is a big deal and there are no do-overs when it comes to getting it right. We live and breathe the motto “Under-promise, over-deliver” and we aim to exceed expectations at every turn. In short, we make it our goal to be the best investment you make on your wedding day.

Just like you hire professionals (doctors, carpenters, electricians, general contractors, etc) for other areas in your life, planning a wedding is no different and you should hire an expert to help you plan and manage the details of the best day of your life.  

2. Where do you plan events? Do you travel?

We are based in Raleigh, NC but plan weddings all over the southeast. From the coast to the mountains, we love designing weddings at new and familiar destinations, so contact us today! 

3. Is there a minimum event budget you work with?

Every wedding budget is different and every penny spent on your celebration is valuable and honored. However, on average, our clients spend as a whole for the entire wedding (dress, flowers, invitations, venue, etc) around $500-$1500 per guest.  

4. Do you work with LGBTQ+ couples?

Absolutely! We love LOVE in all sizes, shapes, and forms! A Southern Soiree believes in inclusivity and serving all clients regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, identity or orientation. We value kindness, professionalism and collaboration in all ways and work to showcase these values through our brand in every interaction.

5. What’s the difference between you and a venue coordinator?

In a nutshell, from our experience, your venue coordinator is responsible for overseeing the set-up, food and beverage, and logistics as it relates directly to the venue. An outside wedding planner will coordinate and manage ALL logistics and design details with your entire wedding team.

A great wedding planner will not only make YOUR life easier and stress-free when it comes to planning your wedding but will also streamline and simplify the jobs of your entire vendor team (including your venue coordinator!). This allows each vendor to deliver on their own offerings at the highest level which results in wedding amazingness for you. 😊

6. Do You offer day of/month of coordination?

We refer to this package as our event management package. Our event management package is much more than just help on the day of the event, as we enter the planning process alongside you about 3 to 4 months out from the event and help tie up loose ends!

We happily offer this package but only within a limited time frame from your event during our peak months. If you are certain you want us as part of your wedding team, we recommend hiring us today!


Absolutely! About 40-45% of our clients are not local to the area!

We are very comfortable working around your schedule and planning in advance for your trips into town! This is where some of our customized planning tools can really come in handy to ease stress or anxiety about planning a wedding in a place where you are not currently located. 

8. What is your pricing?

Our pricing is based on many factors (time of year, location, number of guests, consultant, services we are providing).

However, as a point of reference, our month-of package starts at $3,000. Contact us directly for full service planning!

9. Any more words of wisdom?

Hiring a planner is a big decision. We recommend you choose someone who you feel truly gets you. TRUST is the key ingredient to an amazingly stress-free experience working with us! We are passionate about events and showing up for our clients while living our core values as a company which are kindness, collaboration, professionalism and equality. We seek to work with clients that see the immense value in hiring trusted professionals. Our goal for all our clients is to amaze, delight, and exceed their expectations. With many of our clients, we form lifelong bonds of friendship while planning for the big day and enjoy keeping up with them and staying in touch long after the wedding day is over! If you like to laugh, want to enjoy planning your wedding and hand the hard parts over to an expert, contact us today!

10. Where can we learn more about you?

Check us out on instagram to see more recent events and some fun behind the scenes on our instagram stories!

jane, mother of the groom


"Megan and her team worked with our son and daughter-in-law in the planning of their wedding, reception, and after parties 12/14-16, 2018. I have worked with professionals in events for a very long time, and a Southern Soiree and her team from the get go had amazing vendors, great skill sets, nurturing personalities, and incredible creative budget ideas. Thank you for memories of a lifetime."


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