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50 Things Not Listed Under Your Planner’s Service Offerings That They Will Handle On Your Wedding Day!

December 1, 2021

Couples hire wedding planners because … well to put it simply, wedding planning can be overwhelming. Planning packages offer a long list of services and things they will do to help make the wedding process stress-free and enjoyable for you and your family. However, in addition to that long list of service offerings, there are so many more services not listed that these magical fairies do to help make your wedding day seamless and let your friends and family have the experience of a lifetime.

We’ve listed our top 50 things your wedding planner will do on your wedding day that you may or may not see!

  1. Handles that overly drunk uncle with grace
  2. Sews back the groomsmen’s broken bowtie
  3. Makes an extra boutonniere when one breaks 
  4. Gets that stain out of your dress from the person who spilled their wine during cocktail hour
  5. Fashions a bustle out of safety pins and thread underneath your dress when yours breaks
  6. Wipes down your ceremony chairs after unexpected rain shower
  7. Places umbrella behind altar for wedding party if it looks like it might rain
  8. Removes those pink roses from your centerpiece that you told the florist you didn’t want
  9. Picks up food for your wedding party for lunch on the morning of the wedding
  10. Helps you pee
  11. Fastens those pesky clasp shoes you bought and can’t reach
  12. Carries your lipstick in our pocket so you have it when you need it
  13. Has that bandaid just when you need it for said shoes
  14. Whips bobby pins out to reign in those loose strands from your updo
  15. Makes sure you get appetizers, dinner, and your favorite beverage in hand all night
  16. Magically gets all your personal items packed up and where they need to go post-event
  17. Sews your bridesmaid into her dress when the zipper breaks
  18. Finds another vendor last minute (without you even knowing) when your classic getaway car breaks down the day of your wedding
  19. Makes sure there is a plate and forks by your cake before you cut it so that your ceremonial slice has a place to go
  20. Grabs the best man from the outside terrace before the DJ makes the announcement for his toast
  21. Makes sure that champagne toast is actually poured by the caterer before the DJ announces it’s time for toasts
  22. Hands you a wipe to get the lipstick off your teeth before you walk down the aisle
  23. Calls 911 discreetly when one of your guests has a medical emergency
  24. Quietly escorts out the wedding crashers who showed up from the event next door
  25. Super glues the mother of the bride’s heel back on an hour before the ceremony
  26. Preps the wedding party members giving toasts to not have one too many cocktails before their speech and say something they will regret
  27. Helps clear plates when the venue is short staffed
  28. Helps relocate flowers from the ceremony to the reception so they get more use and can bring more joy
  29. Gives you and your partner (and wedding party) breath mints and tissues before walking down the aisle
  30. Gathers all the bridesmaids bouquets and places them on the tables if being reused
  31. Makes sure you have your room key/phone/wallets at the end of the night before you leave
  32. Pulls extra frames from car for last minute signage
  33. Stops the band from warming up/doing sound check during your ceremony (if reception is close by)
  34. Stops drunk guests or unplanned guests from getting on the mic to give a toast or speech
  35. Calls Uber for intoxicated guests
  36. Shows/escorts guests to the restroom
  37. Makes sure you have chairs with arms (and your guests actually use them) if you are doing the Hora
  38. Provides blank notes with envelopes in case you/your partner forgot to write your letter to each other (or a family member/vendor)
  39. Handles all big family/friend personalities and gives them jobs if you need space from them
  40. Kicks out someone from your wedding party if you no longer wish to include them
  41. Uses relationships with your vendors to enhance product/performance on the wedding day
  42. Provides socks, belt, etc. for groom/groomsmen
  43. Makes sure the gentlemen look sharp with straight ties/bowties, buttoned jackets, polished shoes – even hairspray their hair into place if needed! 
  44. Stays behind after the ceremony to help call out all your extended family to ensure they are around for pictures
  45. Cleans up after guests drop glass on the dance floor – and (depending on intoxication levels) gets guest another drink
  46. Brings a portable fan to fan you between pictures when it’s hot outside (also has water and your drink of choice on standby to take sips from between pictures!)
  47. Steams all the wrinkles and creases out of your bridesmaid dresses as well as your table linens 
  48. Walks down the flower girl/ring bearer if they are too scared
  49. Takes care of any fur babies if you wish for them to be part of your wedding 
  50. Helps out photographer/videographer to get the perfect shot (throws veil in air for wind blown shot, holds extra lights, crouches behind you holding dress so it doesn’t get dirty, etc.)

The list goes on, but no matter what arises, wedding planners want to ensure that a couples wedding day goes off without a hitch. Even if that means babysitting that overly drunk uncle, stuffing our pockets with bandages and lipstick, or holding the bride’s dress while she pees, wedding planners wear these many hats with both style and grace. It’s all part of the package when investing in a wedding planner – whether you see it all or not.

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