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Plus Ones, Invited or Not?

April 26, 2021

Guests are the party that you choose to celebrate your marriage with so it’s kind of a big deal, right? Lots of guests can make for a fun and lively event but as your guest count increases you’re bound to encounter a max of how many people your venue can hold or your own personal take on who you do and do NOT want to celebrate with on your wedding day. This marks the question: do all guests get to bring a plus one? Tricky. We want guests to have a great time and to bring someone who can help them have a blast. This being said, that individual (that you may not really know) will cost you hundreds of dollars by the time you factor in food, alcohol, favors, decor, rentals, etc. You should consider surrounding yourself with the people you know and love on your wedding day, but we’ve put together a guide for the delicate subject of plus ones!

Who Get’s a Plus One?


If the guest is married they should definitely get a plus one. It is important to give married guests a plus one because it gives respectful recognition of their marital status.

Engaged or Living Together

When engaged or living together a couple is announcing that they are serious. They are committed to each other and their partner deserves a plus one to your wedding.

Seriously Dating

A guest in a serious relationship of six months or more (even if they are not engaged nor living together) should be considered for a plus one. This is situational and is up to you, but know that if they do not receive a plus one, they might be a bit offended. Be prepared for them to ask for the plus one if you did not give it to them.

Doesn’t Know Anyone Attending

This one is a little less “by the book”. If a guest doesn’t know anyone attending the wedding, it would be a nice gesture to give them a plus one. This will increase the chances of them attending your wedding and ensure they are comfortable throughout the evening.

Photo by Caroline Lima

Who Does Not Need a Plus one?

Casually Dating

Anyone casually dating does not need a plus one. An invite to a wedding is an honor and someone who might not be in the picture long does not need to be in your wedding pictures.

Single and Knows People

If a guest is single but knows people attending the wedding, they will be fine without a plus one. Since they have other guests to socialize with, they will have still have a great time without bringing a plus one.

At the end of the day, it is your wedding and your decision on who gets to attend and if they get a plus one. The guidelines above are just suggestions, but regardless, do what makes you most comfortable on your day!

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