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Intimate Weddings

June 8, 2020

Intimate weddings have been a rising trend in recent years…reasons vary from couples making a cut in the guest list to prioritize other areas of their budget, opting for the small destination wedding of their dreams in paradise, or even more private couples not comfortable exchanging some of the most intimate moments of their lives in front of a large group!

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Now that we are navigating wedding planning amidst a pandemic, we see the increasing popularity of intimate weddings and expect that more couples tying the knot within the next two years will opt for a smaller event rather than endure the stress of planning throughout a time of such uncertainty. 

Simply put, an intimate wedding is a “normal” wedding day with a smaller guest list of 50 or less closest loved ones. It does not necessarily mean that the budget is smaller, but allows the couple more flexibility to splurge on specific elements of their wedding, giving guests an extraordinary experience. Just like any other wedding, intimate weddings can be more relaxed and non-traditional or they can remain customary and traditional…it’s entirely up to what the couple wants their celebration to be! 

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Lowering the guest count opens up many possibilities for a more unique and personalized event! Couples that put a high value on their wedding design can go much more elaborate with florals when there are fewer tables to fill or splurge on items such as specialty seating and furniture. Perhaps a couple has envisioned a seven-course plated meal experience for their guests. Maybe they’ve landed on a special location such as a local garden or private estate that doesn’t typically serve as a wedding venue but can accommodate a smaller event. Luxury weddings do not require large guest counts!

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It can be a challenge to break the news to your family and friends (especially your parents!) that you will be having an intimate affair. Consider suggesting a more casual event the day after as a honeymoon send-off or a small reception at a later date (gives you another event to look forward to!) so your parents can extend an invitation to additional friends and distant relatives who would have been on their list. Delegate the planning of this to your parents as a way to make them feel included!

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We are excited to offer our own intimate wedding package at A Southern Soiree! This service streamlines the planning process and is perfect for couples that want a customized wedding but with the ease of an all-inclusive package of pre-vetted, quality vendors. The experience includes everything you need to have a full-service wedding with plenty of options to upgrade and fully tailor the day to an intentional and meaningful celebration with the family and friends that mean the most to you! You select your location and let us handle the rest!
An intimate wedding executed correctly will leave your guests saying “Wasn’t that beautiful? It was so them!” We can’t wait to bring these elegant and memorable events to life! 

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