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The Vendor We Don’t Want You to Leave Out!

December 3, 2019

We hear it far too often…couples not prioritizing videography in their wedding budget. They’re on the fence and tempted to cut videography to save some money as they have convinced themselves that it isn’t necessary. However, we aim to educate all our couples (and you reading this!) that wedding videography (sometimes referred to as cinematography) is a must on the big day. We feel strongly that not only should your wedding have a professional videographer, but it should actually be a priority on your vendor list.

Here’s why:

The majority of both your families and friends will be in attendance celebrating you and this day will most likely be the only time all these important people in your life will be in the same place.  You’re going to want to document as much as you can from this day, not only to remember the moments but to remember who attended… this includes their crazy dance movies, their heartfelt toasts, and the tears and joy that come with such a special day!

While a great photographer will capture the candid moments in addition to your formal wedding photos, videography allows you to hear the laughter, the words, and the music that make up your day. The day flies by in a blur and you are going to miss some things… we guarantee it. Videography captures those moments with sound and movement, telling more of the story than just a photograph can. Whether it be a dad’s gasp as he sees his daughter for the first time in her dress, or Uncle Phil spontaneously breaking it down during cocktail hour, your videographer will capture all these priceless, unplanned events of the day that are bound to happen.

Think of videography as something you have not just for yourself, but for everyone who wants to experience the big day. Maybe you have an elderly family member who couldn’t make it to the wedding…they’ll be able to experience it through your video and feel as if they were there. In one experience a few years ago, we had a wedding where the bride’s mom flew halfway across the world for the wedding but then fell ill the night before the wedding and wasn’t able to attend any of the wedding celebrations. To this day, the bride is still so grateful that her mom was able to relive the day in full through the wedding video!

Although somber, the reality is that your wedding could be the last time you have documentation of a family member. We hear from photographers and videographers that clients have reached out to them, thanking them for the last photos and videos they have of a grandparent or other family member that has passed since the wedding. While we never hope this is the case for anyone, if it sadly does happen you will be so glad to have that special person in your wedding video to cherish those last memories with them even more.

One of the most common regrets we hear from couples is not hiring a videographer and we don’t want you to make that mistake! Prioritize videography in your budget…find a videographer whose style you like and get on their calendar so that you can replay and relive your wedding day whenever and as often as you’d like! The videographers we love to work with are NOT in your face and overwhelming…they’re professional, polished, and are quietly there capturing all the important moments of the day.

So, as you start making decisions on vendors and allocating funds within your wedding budget, we highly recommend hiring a videographer (along with a great photographer!) to capture those moments, words, and emotions that you will cherish for decades to come!

We are SO fortunate to work with some amazing videographers in our market (there are several great companies!)…. here are just a few films from weddings we have planned with some talented local teams!

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