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10 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

December 10, 2019

1. Create Your Own Monogram

Including a monogram or initials throughout your wedding is a classic and understated way to personalize the design. They can be placed everywhere and on most objects, from cakes to cocktail napkins, to invitations to dance floors. Creating a monogram to be used on your stationery, then incorporating it into your reception is a great way to bring all of your wedding elements together.

Photo by Lauren Cowart

2. Include Your Pet

Your pet is as personalized as you can get for your wedding! Sure, other couples bring their dogs to their wedding but every dog is different. Your dog is a part of your family and no other dog can compare. Everyone will surely remember that cutie at your wedding! It’s ok if your beloved companion can’t attend…signature cocktails named after your pets or even pet treat favors are fun alternatives to incorporate the furry pals that are celebrating with you in spirit. We have had couples in the past even have a drawing done of their pet that is used on signage at the event. So cute, right?

A Southern Soiree - Kami and Austin
Photo by Katherine Miles Jones

3. Ceremony seating arrangement

Seating during a ceremony does not have to be traditional. It is your wedding and these are your guests so seat them how you want them to be seated! Sometimes this means they can choose which side to sit on, other times it means that the seats are not in rows. Fishbowl or circular seating can provide a more intimate ceremony where your loved ones are closer to you and definitely makes the ceremony more unique.

4. Rituals

Having rituals during the ceremony automatically personalizes your wedding. Whether they be religious or cultural, there are different rituals at every wedding. Fusing together different rituals from both sides also makes for a more personalized ceremony that is reflective of you as a couple and your stories. One of our favorites is the ring warming ceremony which involves your guest putting blessings upon your rings. We also LOVE a good wedding day time capsule with letters written to the couple from friends and family, a special bottle of wine for your first big fight, and other special items to be included in a time capsule opened years down the line by the married couple.

5. Personalize Readings

Picking out specific readings during your ceremony will make it all the more personalized. These readings are important to you both and you are sharing them with your guests. There are so many readings to pick from so don’t be afraid to go against the grain to do something less traditional, selecting poems, stories, or scriptures that are special to you as a couple. It’s also a great way to incorporate some special friends and family that may not have an assigned role (bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc) otherwise!

6. Food

There are SOOO many ways to personalize your wedding with the food you serve. Was your first date at a seafood restaurant? Incorporate that into your offerings! Maybe you both L-O-V-E ice cream? Consider a late-night ice cream sundae bar with all your favorite toppings. Is your favorite guilty pleasure a burger or philly cheese steak? These are the cutest in miniature form and could be passed during cocktail hour or out on the dance floor duing your last hour of the reception. The list goes on and on but our recommendation is to pick food that will leave your guests saying “YES! That was so them!”.

Photo by Anderson Shore Photography

7. Honor your Past Loved Ones

A very special way to personalize your wedding is to include mementos of loved ones who have passed on and will not be physically there on your wedding day. Leaving an empty seat with a flower or small sign in honor of them is one way to honor them in your ceremony. Or you could have a special table of photos and photo albums of these loved ones displayed during your reception with a candle burning in their memory.

Photo by Caroline Lima

8. Escort Cards

Having a creative seating chart will set you apart from other weddings! Seating charts are a really flexible and fun way to tell your story! Make a seating chart that will be an extension of your themed wedding or engraved with your monogram. We love a champagne wall (with escort seating tags or drink stirrers) or a useful place card like luggage tags!

Photo by Caroline Lima

9. Themed Cake

If you opt for a wedding cake at your reception, it does not have to be a traditional white cake. If you and your partner have a favorite show or hobby, make that the theme of the cake. You don’t have to have a theme wedding in order to have a themed cake. You can do whatever you want with your cake or cut the cake altogether (pun intended) in favor of another dessert that you enjoy more if you’re not cake people (pie bar, anyone?)!

10. The Guest Book

You never have to stick to the original guest book that will sit on a bookshelf untouched for years to come. You can have your guests sign anything you want and making it interactive and fun for them is a double win! It can be a map, a photo, or a painting to be displayed in your home. The “guest book” can even be a personalized note to you, asking guests for date night ideas, or gathering marriage advice for you and your partner.

A Southern Soiree Shannon and Mark
Photo by Mikkel Paige

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