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2017 Highlight Reel!

December 28, 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, we want to take the time to reflect on all of the fond memories we have of this year.  To do so, we asked a handful of our couples to share a favorite moment from their special day. We are delighted to feature their responses, as well as some of ours, to serve a highlight reel for this year (and we are so excited to be reliving these days, too!).


Dana and Akeem

March 18th

Favorite Moment:

“From the 6 foot tall wedding cake hung by crystal rope to the mirrored menus to the bride’s three beautiful wedding gowns, the details of Dana and Akeem’s wedding celebration were simply magical and created a night full of glamor, sparkle and love we will never forget!  This sweet couple’s love for each other is infectious, the stuff fairytales is made of!”

Dent Wedding

Photos by: Lauren Cowart Photography


Tiffany and Eric

April 15th

Favorite Moment:

“Having all our friends and family members together to help celebrate the best day that was filled with dancing, fantastic food, and fireworks!”

Wedding Runner and Florals

Wedding Cake

Photos by: Kemper Mills Fant Photography


Kelly and Drew

June 3rd

Favorite Moment:

“I halfway joked with Kelley Ann that I wanted my ceremony programs to be on foam fingers to which she quickly came up with other program ideas. Throughout the rest of the planning process I repeatedly told all of my vendors that she wouldn’t let me have them. Meanwhile, she and Drew had already coordinated a foam finger entrance into the ballroom. I HAD NO IDEA! I’ve told Drew he will never be able to top the surprise. I still get the biggest smile thinking about walking in to a room of 175 people holding up green foam fingers with our faces on them.”

Wedding Details

Seating Chart Display

Photos by: Caroline Lima Photography


Mary Hannah and Chris

June 10th

Favorite Moment:

“It’s hard to spotlight one particularly special moment in a day that we remember as FILLED with special moments. MH and I will always think back to that initial walk through the gardens and into the main reception area on the lawn as the moment when it all became real. Not only was it surreal that we had just become husband and wife, but all of the planning and preparation that went into creating the scene at the Tryon Palace was now right in front of our eyes. Whatever picture that we had created in our heads as to how it would look did not compare to the reality that we were experiencing as we made our way to the dance floor.

From the tent and dance floor to the greenery and lighting; all of the elements came together beautifully, and we got to be introduced as Mr. and Mrs. to our family and friends in as picture-perfect a setting imaginable.”

Photos by: Anna Routh Photography


Sydney and Rob

July 8th

Favorite Moment:

“My favorite memory from Rob and I’s wedding day is being out on the dance floor with all of our friends and family. When I think back on our day I think of all the love that was present and how much fun we had – it was such a special day filled with the most special people!”

Photos by: Robyn Van Dyke Photography


Taylor and Marcus

August 12th

Favorite Moment:

“Taylor and Marcus are such a wonderful couple and I was so honored to help plan their wedding! I remember the day like it was yesterday. Taylor and Marcus chose to have a first look with each other. I was checking in on them leading up to the big moment and they were nothing but beaming smiles and excitement. The time came for them to see each other and it was perfect! Their reaction to seeing each other was so touching and sweet! You can tell just being near each other makes all their worries go away – they truly light up each others worlds!”

Wedding Rings

Photos by: Maria Estes Photography


Becca and Pat

August 12th

Favorite Moment:

His: “ One of Becca’s concerns was that our guests wouldn’t have fun and dance. That was never a concern, as our amazing DJ kept literally everyone dancing until we were kicked off the dance floor at the end of the night!”

Hers: “I had so many favorite parts that it’s hard to pick, but the special surprise details from Megan and my Mom made it so special. My Mom had personalized Coke bottles made for us and Megan put together cocktail napkins with fun facts about Pat and me – we were completed surprised by both and it was just so thoughtful and personal”

Becca Pat

Photos by: Ginny Corbett Photography


Jessica and Michael 

October 7th

Favorite Moment:

“While it was super challenging to make a decision, we landed on the Hora being our favorite part of the day. We expressed throughout the wedding how important our family and friends were in helping us find each other, grow in our love for one another, and eventually to commit to marriage. This moment to us was a profound visual representation of our friends and family supporting us and looking down on the crowd from above is a snapshot in time that we’ll never forget. This was also the moment that kicked off the dancing and allowed our parents to have a chance in the spotlight, all of which made the night that much more memorable.”

Photos by: Faith Teasley Photography


 Gayna and Jonathan

October 14th

Favorite Moment:

“Our favorite moment from the wedding day was seeing each other for the first time when I came down the aisle. Jonathan’s reaction is something I will remember and cherish forever!”

Photos by: Cynthia Rose Photography


Thank you to all of our 2017 couples, it was truly amazing to work with you and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for trusting us to plan such an important day in your lives!  We can’t wait for a fabulous 2018 with some phenomenal clients as well!


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