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Kelli and Will’s Engagement Shoot!

July 19, 2016

Meet Kelli and Will, a couple whose love story brought them to the land of the longleaf pines to say “I Do!”  Will is in the Air Force and we love that they incorporated his military connection into these photos…who doesn’t love a man in uniform? In the midst of planning their fall wedding, Kelli and Will took a quick break to explore their new home state of North Carolina by taking engagement photos with our friend, Richard Barlow.  You can’t help smiling when you see Kelli and Will together; their love for each other is infectious and was captured beautifully!  We are so excited to share a few images with you as we patiently count down the days until their November wedding!
Kelli and Will
Engagement Session
Air Force WeddingKelli&WillEngagement-41
Dog Engagement Session
Kelli, Will and their Dogs
Engagement SessionNorth Carolina engagement
Photography:  Richard Barlow Photography
How did Will propose?
Well, apparently Will had originally planned to propose to me the weekend we were house hunting in North Carolina. But EVERYTHING went wrong so he wasn’t able too. He ended up going with plan B (which was perfect). On a seemingly run-of-the-mill Sunday afternoon Will asked me if I wanted to take our dogs on a walk around the local pond. I didn’t think anything of it because this was a normal weekend activity for us. He also told me that we were meeting up with another couple that has a dog for the walk and that we would probably go for a drink afterwards. This statement was very important, it made me dress-up a bit for the walk rather than the gym shorts and t-shirt I probably would have been wearing otherwise. When we arrived at the pond we walked for a bit then decided to stop and wait for our friends on a park bench. He brought me to the edge of the water because he said he thought he saw our friends, I was looking for them in the distance, but then when I turned back around towards Will he was down on one knee! He said some amazingly sweet things that I dont really remember. I blacked out a bit. All I could really do between the happy tears was nod my head over and over and say YES!
So far, what aspect of planning the wedding has been the most enjoyable?
So far I’ve really enjoyed the day we went venue “shopping.” It was a lot of fun looking at different spaces and imagining what OUR wedding would look like.
Do you have any advice for recently engaged brides to help them stay stress-free throughout the planning process?
Hire a wedding planner!!! The sooner the better! Seriously, I can only imagine how stressed I’d be without Kelly Ann. Also, start collecting addresses quickly. Its much easier to gather them over time rather than trying to get all of them a week before save the dates need to be sent out.
What are you most excited about for the day of the wedding?
I’m getting a husband! It still sounds weird to say that word, husband. Ah!
I’m also super excited about the getting ready process. Getting pampered with my bridesmaids and family over mimosas and finger food is going to be so much fun!
What are three words to describe the feel of your upcoming wedding?
Vintage. Lively. Party
What made you decide to hire a planner?
When Will and I got engaged we were living in Texas but new we would be moving to North Carolina within the month and that the wedding would be in NC. We also knew we were going to have a shorter engagement then average. Since I had never lived in NC all of my vendor information was coming from google and various wedding websites. I just felt like I wasn’t getting good and valuable information and that I wasn’t seeing all of the potential vendors out there. Then I found A Southern Soiree. If not for them Will and I wouldn’t have found such and amazing ceremony and reception venue.

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