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Internship Experience

August 21, 2015

We’ve mentioned time and time again how much everyone here at A Southern Soiree believes in the internship process.  Not only are internships a great way to gain experience and learn skills, but this time is imperative for making connections, setting goals, and building the confidence that is necessary to grow into a professional, contributing member of any industry.  This week we are saying goodbye to our two summer interns, Allie and Amanda, as they make their way back to their universities to finish their undergraduate degrees.  We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to give our readers an inside look at our internship process!

allie - intern blogamanda - interns blog

Allie – North Carolina State University – Communications & Public Relations Major

Amanda – East Carolina University – Communications Major, Hospitality Minor

What are the most important things you have learned?

  • Allie: Simply stated, constant communication is the key to everything!  It takes a team to pull off each and every event, so understanding the true value of teamwork and the need for clear channels of communication is vital.  Other than communication and teamwork, just learning the basics of the job has been very eye-opening – everything from how to run an organized and effective meeting, to vendor relations, and every odd-job that comes with the title “wedding planner.”  I’ve learned there is so much more being done on the back end of things that most other people (even clients) don’t realize!
  • Amanda: Instead of trying to explain it in from an overview perspective, I’m going to break it down into what each awesome woman at A Southern Soiree taught me, starting with Megan. She taught me just how important the relationships are that you build with other vendors. She taught me the importance of shaking every hand and learning everyone’s names. Every single person who goes into making the perfect wedding is important and that can’t be overlooked in this industry. Gina taught me how to fine tune the creation of wedding room blocks, making me the wedding block queen of the summer.       On a serious note, she taught me to take responsibility for my mistakes, and to hold myself accountable for my actions. Kelley Ann taught me that there is in fact a wrong way to lay out linen. She also taught me that every detail matters, that every little thing we do as a team will make the bride and groom’s day that much more perfect. Last but not least, Mackenzie taught me how to make the perfect social media post. She showed me how to increase PR for A Southern Soiree and how to promote the wonderful company that is A Southern Soiree through social media and she shared with me her ability to write an awesome, must-read blog!

Favorite Cake Flavor:

  • Allie: How can I choose just one?!  The more chocolate, the better!
  • Amanda: Edible Art’s Lemon Cake!

Favorite Venue Visited:

  • Allie: It is a tie between two — Bay 7 and The Sutherland!  These are two totally different venues with different styles, but I love them BOTH! I love the trendiness and urban vibe of the industrial Bay 7, but I also adore the southern charm of The Sutherland.
  • Amanda: Every venue we visited was so beautiful and unique that it was so hard to choose a favorite!  However, I have to agree with Allie here, we both had the opportunity to work at Bay 7 during our summer experience and it was one of my favorite venues by far!

Favorite Wedding/Project Memory:

  • Allie: I would have to say my favorite wedding memory was watching the Airlie Gardens in Wilmington, North Carolina transform into a perfect setting for “I do’s!”  The gardens are breathtaking on their own accord, but they are very much a blank canvas.  With the addition of fun and beautiful details like lounge furniture and hanging lanterns, the waterfront gardens were totally transformed!  I think this is my favorite aspect of every big day — watching what were once just ideas, come to life!  Click here to see more from Clare and David’s Airlie Gardens Wedding!
  • Amanda: I loved the styled shoot at the Merrimon-Wynne House because it was a time when the entire team came together to create a wedding.  Getting to work with everyone and watching all the dynamics of the company working together was really special to step back and see.  My favorite wedding I worked was the Lamb-Homick wedding with Kelley Ann at Bay 7 (probably why I chose this venue as my favorite!).  Seeing that space become completely transformed into Elizabeth and Andrew’s dream was an amazing thing to be a part of.  Click here to see the pictures on our blog!

Tips for New Interns:

  • Ask a LOT of questions!
  • Be open-minded and embrace every opportunity
  • Make meaningful connections and relationships
  • Take as many notes as possible
  • Shake everyone’s hands and make strong, lasting first-impressions
  • Add your own flair to things and don’t be afraid to share your ideas and thoughts


Be next to shadow our team!

Interested in shadowing a wedding and learning from event professionals this fall?  Check out the dates below that our team is offering shadowing opportunities!  Email mackenzie@asouthernsoiree.com with your resume, statement of interest, and date availability.  Opportunities will be given first to those whom receive educational benefit for a college or university credit/experience.  Applicants may be required to either meet at our office or provide their own reliable transportation to the venue on the day of the event.  Shadow opportunities may last anywhere from 7-12 hours and are not paid experiences.

September 6 –  Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill
September 11 – Chapel Hill Botanical Gardens
September 19 – Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill
September 19 – State Club in Raleigh
September 26 – Rose Hill in Nashville, NC
October 3 –  Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill
October 11 – Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill
October 17 – ​Merrimon Wynne House in Raleigh
October 24 – State Club in Raleigh
November 7 – Matthew’s House in Cary, NC


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