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Burying the Bourbon

June 15, 2015

Happy National Bourbon Day! Okay you caught us, technically this holiday was yesterday June 14th, but we figured our readers were too busy celebrating to find their way over to our blog! 😉

This unique holiday gives us the perfect opportunity to share a tradition we have here in the south that involves bourbon on the wedding day! Many of you may have heard about “burying the bourbon” but we are here today to break down this tradition and its origin so that all of you brides can implement this as a fun moment to have with your groom!


Burying the bourbon is a southern wedding tradition that can be interpreted a few different ways—both having the same principle ideas: the bride and groom will bury a bottle of bourbon on-site where they are set to be married to ensure good weather on their wedding day. When do they bury it? Now that is where the story strays. Some will tell you that the bride and groom should bury the bottle exactly a month before the date– Others will tell you to bury it on a day that the weather is on its “best” behavior. Either way, both parties agree that the full, unopened bottle of bourbon should be buried upside down to provide “maximum weather persuasion.” The key word here is “full” folks, so no sippin’ before the diggin’!  What’s the point of all this, you ask?  Well, after the ceremony has concluded (with optimal weather of course), the bride and groom go dig up their bottle to enjoy at their reception!

For those of you who are new to this tradition (or maybe you’re joining us as one of our northern counterparts) you might be thinking “do people still do this?!” and the answer is yes!  In fact, just this past weekend, one of our A Southern Soiree couples dug up their bourbon to enjoy after their ceremony went off without a hitch and with the most perfect weather!

Whether you’re a true believer, a little superstitious, or just looking for something fun to do – we recommend giving this a try!  That is of course if you don’t want rain on your wedding day.  Believe it or not, some cultures believe that rain is “good luck” and means that the couple will live in prosperity and have many children.  Just remember that rain or shine, your wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your lives!  Have a positive attitude and don’t forget to have fun!




Photo credits: FreshlyWed (top) and Katie Stoops & Snippet & Ink (bottom)

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