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“The Apple of My Eye” – Southern Bride and Groom

March 16, 2015

Collaboration between vendors is a wonderful thing– especially when it comes to Styled Shoots.  A “Styled Shoot” is typically what you will see in a wedding magazine or similar publication that showcases the talents and creativity of vendors who work together to make a very beautiful, but staged wedding.  Sound a little out of the box?  Trust us, it is!

What really goes on in these “styled shoots” you ask?  I’ll be giving you a bit of my personal outlook– so hang with me!  A Southern Soiree has been working with the Southern Bride & Groom Magazine team for many years, but this was my first personal experience… and let me tell y’all, it was a blast!  First we had to decide on an overall theme.  After throwing around probably a dozen ideas, the SB&G team and ourselves had decided on an apple themed styled shoot.  Maybe we were hungry that day… maybe we were on a health kick… who knows??  But after this inspiration was concrete, everything seemed to fall right into place!  Our venue was 128 South in Wilmington, North Carolina– a very beautiful, yet quaint building with rustic and earthy features such as exposed brick and an outside ceremony space that created the perfect atmosphere for our vision.

As they say, it takes a village.  And the vendors in our village are THE BOMB!  We couldn’t have been more blessed with the team we worked with on this project– Fiore Fine Flowers, One Belle Bakery, Scarborough Fare Catering, Makeup for Your Day, Party Suppliers, Calligraphy by Carrie, The Wedding Dress Shoppe, Savvi Bridal, Bernard’s Formalwear, and our extremely talented photographer, Renee Sprink!  From the beginning, everyone stepped up to collaborate and give their most creative efforts to create this wonderfully unique shoot.  Take a look!

This naked cake really let the apples be the star of the show!






















While playing dress up was fun, seeing this vision transform from a small idea into being published in Southern Bride & Groom’s Winter/Spring 2015 issue was the real treat.  We are so thankful to have strengthened our relationships with the vendors we worked with on this project, and to have shared some laughs and memories along the way.  We are especially looking forward to the many styled shoots in our future– stay tuned, another might be coming sooner than you think!

Lastly, a special shout-out to the sweetest boy in the world, Andrew!  We promise never to make you wear a suit in the summer heat again, or tell anyone that you secretly enjoyed being in front of the camera! (oops)

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