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Unveiling Traditions

July 10, 2014

A wedding veil is one of the many ways the modern bride can give her wedding a “traditional” feel, but sometimes brides can be confused on what exactly “traditional” is.  There are many aspects of today’s weddings that are actually more modern than intended – just as there are many wedding traditions that did not survive over the years due to their (somewhat odd) origins.  Did you know that the original bridal bouquet was not fresh flowers?  In fact, until more modern times, brides were seen clutching a bouquet of garlic and dill as to better their chances of surviving sicknesses like the Plague.  Now for those of you who still want a traditional wedding… you might want to reconsider exactly how traditional you want to be!  While we are glad that the bridal bouquet has come a long way since the Plague, the bridal veil has its own story.

The veil was originally meant to ward off evil spirits due to the bride’s vulnerability before her marriage.  Also, veils varied by the culture of the brides who wore them; Roman brides often wore flame-colored veils to scare off evil and in cultures with arranged marriages the veil was meant to hide brides in case the groom was disappointed with her appearance. Some wore the veil for religious reasons–it was deemed a sign of humility and respect for God; while the Victorians turned the veil into a symbol of wealth (the longer and more ornate… the richer and probably closer to royalty you were).

Thank goodness that today’s veil is viewed as nothing more than an accessory– any bride can choose to wear a veil or not to wear a veil, and should feel no pressure as to what it might mean.  If choosing the veil route… this is the post for you!  Understanding your venue, dress, color scheme, and decor can all change how you feel about wearing a veil with your wedding gown.  Before we get into the details, you should know that there are may lengths and options for veils; don’t overwhelm yourself!  Below you can find a helpful diagram about veil lengths to get you started!



Choosing a veil should not be as difficult as choosing your gown – but the two should coincide.  Trendy veils such as birdcages or cap-veils are great if you are looking for a specific theme or “look” but might not give you the timeless presence that many hope for when opting to wear a veil.   Cathedral veils may not be the best to drag around during an outdoor ceremony.  Just like when choosing a gown, ask the opinions of  family, your trustworthy bridesmaids, or your wedding planner; just be careful not to overwhelm yourself with too many opinions.  The details of your wedding should reflect your special style as bride and groom– as should your attire.  At the end of the day choose what makes you feel the best and looks the best with your gown.  This is YOUR day!



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