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Registry Advice from Bailey’s Fine Jewelry!

June 12, 2014

Bailey’s is back! This month we’re helping you create the perfect bridal registry with a few helpful hints from our new Giftware Manager, Connie Merriman!

Let’s start with the basics. There are two types of china for which every bride needs to register. The first is an everyday china. Many brides select a classic white with a subtle pattern or monogram. This china is typically less expensive and easier to replace. The second is a fine china pattern. This is typically more expensive, embellished and decorative, and something that she may eventually pass down.

While a “fancy” china pattern may seem superfluous to many, Connie maintains that even registering for a few serving pieces (versus a whole set) in a beautiful pattern can make all the difference. These pieces come with fantastic decorating and displaying options and are also highly versatile entertaining and serving pieces.

“Fine china also presents a fantastic opportunity for mixing and matching,” Connie says. “There are so many beautiful patterns that go well together and create a more modern feel to your set. We can create a look that will pop both in your china cabinet and on your dining table.”

One of the other registry items we see brides stray from is silver. This classic southern bridal registry staple may seem just as frivolous as fine china, but you will find that there will always be a guest who wants a classic option to give as a wedding gift. These pieces are also great decorating staples that will become heirlooms. If you are inheriting or have already inherited a set of silver, attempt to match pieces to that pattern or select one that it will pair well with.

When registering, don’t hesitate to put many options on your list! Connie recommends viewing your registry as a way to outfit your home. Many brides are venturing into listing items like coffee table books, picture frames, and accent pieces. These are all things that will help you (and your new husband) make your house feel like a home!

Speaking of husbands, don’t forget to register for a few “manly” things as well! Outfitting a bar cart can be a challenge—register for things like martini shakers, tumblers, and bottle openers and you’ll be well on your way! This also allows your fiancé a chance to be more involved in the registry process.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our little post on A Southern Soiree! Be sure to stop by Bailey’s if you have any other registry questions! We’re more than happy to help you start one with us as well!

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