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Channing and Tyler: Engagement

May 29, 2014

Channing and Tyler are such a sweet and loving couple. The first time I met them, I knew they were perfect for each other. They are always smiling and laughing, and most importantly always putting each other first! They will be getting married this November at the beautiful Prestonwood Country Club! We asked them a few questions about their engagement and the wedding planning process so far, check out their answers below 🙂

Thank to Christobal with Azul Photography for shooting these amazing engagement pictures at Channing’s hometown of White Lake.

Raleigh Wedding Photographer

Raleigh Wedding Photographer

Raleigh Wedding Photographer

Raleigh Wedding Photographer

How did Tyler propose?

When Tyler and I met we connected over music in a big way. We discovered our equal adoration for Michael Bublé’s music and our love of his song, Hold On. On our one year anniversary Tyler surprised me with tickets to his next show in Raleigh. I was ecstatic – even though the concert wasn’t until a few months later. Finally the time had arrived, the night of the concert. We decided to make it special by dressing up and visiting our first date spot downtown for dinner before the show. We enjoyed an amazing dinner together and headed to the show. It was a fabulous concert, as always. Tyler was hoping to leave early in order to “beat the crowd” but of course I wanted to stay until the very end – it’s the best part of his show!

This weekend happened to be a time when some of our friends were in from out of town and they kept asking for us to meet them downtown after the concert. I agreed and Tyler hastily got us to the car to head out after Michael Bublé’s final number. I was wondering what the rush was but little did I know what was in store for the remainder of our night.

After doing how us girls do and complaining of my poor feet in my “cute shoes” Tyler agreed, once we had parked in the parking deck, we would look for one of the bike-trollies that you often see carrying people around downtown. I unknowingly set him up well for what was to happen next. We get out and he points out that there’s a horse and carriage up ahead and that we’ll check and see if that’s an option. Not knowing Tyler and this man had already met and set all this up; we hop on and enjoy a romantic trip all through the streets of downtown. Enjoying the ride we snuggled up under a blanket together on the brisk October night.

We finally come to the street of the place we are to meet our friends. We begin to pass it and I wonder what is going on. As we passed what I thought was our destination, the horse and driver slowly brings us to a stop in front of a beautifully decorated area in front of the Capital Building. I immediately feel the warmth of tears welling up in my eyes. Tyler takes my hand and leads me over the rose sprinkled pathway up to the stunningly lit archway. Under the archway sits a table with two dozen red roses, candles, champagne and a plaque with a quote from our song, “We are stronger here together than we could ever be alone.” Tyler then pours his heart out to me stating all the things to me that I feel for him. As Hold On is playing in the background he drops to one knee and showcases the ring asking if I would do the honor of spending the rest of my life with him. With tears running down both of our faces I respond with an immediate, “Yes!” He then picks me up, spins me around and the next thing I know our friends come running up congratulating us. They had captured the entire thing.

It was truly the most magical night. I couldn’t ask for a more thoughtful and memorable proposal with the man of my dreams.

So far, what aspect of planning the wedding has been the most enjoyable?

I must admit, planning a wedding can be time consuming and sometimes stressful but when it comes down to it there is nothing like being able to see your vision truly begin to come to life. From finalizing the perfect venue, all the way down to picking the ideal dinner napkin, it has undoubtable been an amazing experience. For me, bringing everything together has been just as enjoyable as deciding one particular aspect throughout the whole process; although, having that “wow moment” when finally finding my dress with my mother was unlike any other.

Do you have any advice for recently engaged brides to help them stay stress-free throughout the planning process?

A Southern Soiree! I have been working with Megan and Gina throughout my planning and they have truly been a blessing. They have helped to kept me on track with timelines, suggestions and all the unnamed details.

On a personal note, I will say one of the best ways to remain stress-free throughout the planning process is to simply take it all one day at a time. Don’t consume yourself with everything all at once. Prioritize things throughout the process and focus on enjoying the experience. I mean hey, you only do this once, right? 🙂

What are you most excited about for the day of the wedding?

When I hear the music begin to play and see those double doors open in front of me I know this will be the most exciting part of the day for me. Seeing my future husband standing on the altar and knowing after my journey down the aisle with my father, I will get to spend the rest of my life with the most wonderful person I have had the honor to meet. That moment, I am truly looking forward to experiencing.

What are three words to describe the feel of your upcoming wedding?

Romantic, Elegant, and Joyful.

What made you decide to hire a planner?

After taking a month to simply enjoy our engagement after the proposal, I began the planning myself. Tyler was a great help and would join me in all the meetings, etc. However, things were starting to get a little hectic due to juggling all the different aspects of the process, working full time and both having such busy schedules. We decided the best way for us to enjoy the process to the fullest was to look into a wedding planner. After visiting A Southern Soiree and meeting with Megan and Gina we knew we had come to the right place. They made us feel so comfortable and welcome and you can truly tell they love what they do, and are great at it! We want everyone to be able to come and enjoy themselves in our celebration. Knowing Megan will be there on our big day to help keep things in order and take some of the stress off of us and our family members was the biggest selling point.

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