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Spring Trends

March 24, 2014

It’s wedding season!  New spring trends are on the rise as the season gets underway.  Color schemes, themes and personalized touches help each bride’s unique personality shine through on her special day!

One of the big things that allows you to showcase your particular style is the type of wedding dress you choose.  Spring 2014 seems to be the season of the natural waistline.  Natural waistlines emphasize the smallest part of the bride’s torso, creating a really flattering figure.  Natural waistline dresses can be full ballgowns or fitted slimmer styles depending on your personal preference. Materials can vary widely; many brides find a fitted lace dress like these below best describes them.


Colors are also a way to make the day unique. While choosing your colors, remember that this spring is a season of bright and bold colors. These colors can be paired with a less vibrant color to create a fun and elegant décor. Your colors can be featured everywhere..from your “save the dates” to your grand exit. The palette below shows the spring trends for 2014, but remember that it’s important to choose colors that best represent you and your fiancé.


Our last trend was born in the south!  Good ol’ bourbon is making itself present in many ways for special events.  One great idea comes from the old tradition of burying a bottle of bourbon in belief that it will keep the rain away. The bottle is usually buried one month before your wedding day and dug up the day of your wedding to drink with your new spouse or even share with the wedding party. Another great way to incorporate this trend is through mini-bottle party favors. These favors can double as place card holders for your seating arrangements.

Bourbon also translates well to corporate events. We’re excited about a gala we’re planning for April. The theme is “Bluegrass, Bowties and Bourbon.”  We’re highlighting bourbon in the décor by using bourbon barrels, rustic furniture, a bourbon bar and many more North Carolina touches to bring it home..


Whether it’s a bold color or a splash of bourbon, this spring season brings a lot of flavor, tradition and fun. While planning your upcoming wedding, remember these trends and your wedding will be the talk of the season. Check back in to see what will be trending for our fall and winter weddings.

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