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Molly and Bruce: Engagement

October 7, 2013

Molly and Bruce are getting married next March at the beautiful Rose Hill Plantation! I am VERY excited about this wedding and can’t wait to see all of the fun and beautiful details come together. They have been such an awesome couple to work with and I could not be more happy for them!

They had such a great engagement session with Robyn Van Dyke! She took amazing images of them and she was able to get some shots of the two of them in the Carter Finley Stadium at NC State (which is very hard to do)!!

Robyn Van Dyke

Robyn Van Dyke

Robyn Van Dyke

Robyn Van Dyke

Robyn Van Dyke


We asked Molly to answer a few questions about her thoughts on the wedding. Check out her answers below!

How did Bruce propose ?

  • It is a rather long story…we are the nerds that typed it so we could remember it for always! See below!

Bruce got up and went to work as usual and I got up early and went to the gym and got to working. Bruce’s dad texted me to tell me he was going to come and get the puppy for the afternoon. I didn’t think anything of it because Friday’s are usually their day together. Neil said he would be there at 12:00, and would bring lunch, but I had a call scheduled for 11-1:00.  About fifteen minutes after telling him that, it got re-scheduled for Monday (Bruce had been talking to my boss).  When he came over to get him, Neil made me go sit in the kitchen and started digging through the drawers and finally handed me a corkscrew. I looked at him and said, ‘Neil, I can’t have a glass of wine now…I have to work still!’ He handed me a bottle that was recorked and had a note in it. But the bottle also had a note on the outside of it that said ‘It seems seven years is coming a little sooner than you thought. I LOVE U and hope you have fun’ (We had a running joke that every time marriage was brought up, the clock reset at seven years).

At this point I knew what is happening and instantly start crying. I get the bottle open and the note inside is from my sister. I then proceed to sit in the corner of the kitchen so Neil won’t see me cry and tried to read the letter from my sister as I continued to sob. While I read the letter from my sister (who was supposed to be in CA sleeping off a stressful flight from the night before) walks in.

At this point, my biggest concern was that I had not showered after the gym and really didn’t smell so great. Jess told me there would be time to get ready later so I should just rinse off because we had to get going. She then handed me the next bottle, which took us to lunch and had notes from my cousins, Tiff and Becca. After I collected myself from crying again, we headed to The Cary Café where we had lunch. After we finished I was given the next bottle and a dozen roses. The bottle took us to La Therapie Day Spa because Obviously I would need my nails done. I opened the letter from my Aunt Peggy and Uncle Rocky and we were off. Bruce, the awesome fella he is, even arranged for Jess to get a massage while I had my nails done.

Once we were finished getting pampered I was given the next bottle and sent shopping, because I will always value the outfit I wore that night. I continued my sob-fest when I opened the letter from Wesley, Bruce’s younger brother.

Jess and I headed to Scout & Molly’s where I was promptly asked if I was shopping for a special occasion – I was instantly giggling and said yes. I told them the story and they were so excited to be a part of the day! I picked out a top (thanks Jess!) and a dress. After shopping I got my 5th bottle telling me to Enjoy a glass of wine while I got ready for the rest of evening and inside the bottle were two notes, from my Mom and dad – the emotions felt while reading those letters is one I am incapable of putting into words. The love and support from my family throughout the whole day was so surreal.

One of my favorite moments of the day – if it is possible to pick any – was coming home to get ready and Bruce had been to the house and he left a little message on the mirror, ‘Forever’ – it even made Jess cry.

As I got showered and ready, Jess – the awesome sister she is – ran to Target to get me chocolate brown tights to go with the dress and waterproof mascara. But after she got back we realized I would also need a slip so I switched into jeans, heels and the new top (the better choice anyways!). As I was getting ready she stopped me before I put on my eye make-up and handed me the last bottle – ‘Unlikely place to first meet the love of your life’. I looked at my sister and said we are going back to Green Hope High School, aren’t we. With a coy smile she said ‘You’ll see’. Inside the last bottle were notes from my future in-laws. When all the bottles were put together, the first letter of each note spelled out “I LOVE U.”

The car ride to Cary seemed so long, yet was such a blur. As pulled up the stadium lights were on and the gate was open. Bruce and I met for the first time at a Green Hope Soccer game when he was a sophomore and I was a junior, three years later I finally gave into my feelings for him and we have been together ever since. I turned the corner and there was Bruce.  I said yes… But the story doesn’t end there…

 We had to tell the parents. Bruce said that his parents knew because they had helped him plan the day but that my parents still didn’t know. He said there was time before dinner so let’s stop by to tell them. We headed the over to their house and when we walked in there was huge surprise party and everyone yelled ‘Happy Birthday Bruce’ – I was so confused!

 Before I even had time to process my mom screamed and came running up and everyone then realized that this was not a birthday party at all, but a surprise engagement party. Bruce managed to not only surprise me but all of our friends and family and we both got to be the ones to tell them the news.  After the initial anger from the friends that planned it, as they had been “duped,” Nan and Neil quickly switched all the decorations from birthday to engagement, there was a big champagne toast, where Bruce’s parents gave us each a gift.  Mine – a plastic black crow for all the crow I was going to eat for riding Bruce about giving me a timeframe, and his – a small plastic boat, because when he bought the ring, he told all of his friends “coulda had a boat…”

The rest of the night was a big, exciting, party induced blur that we will both remember forgetting for the rest of our lives. 

So far, what aspect of planning the wedding has been the most enjoyable?
  • The most enjoyable part of planning the wedding so far has been seeing it really evolve into a family affair. Through our years of being friends and dating our families have grown very close and we knew that we wanted to involve all of them in the big day in ways that will really show how much to truly care and adore them. Our two siblings are our Maid of Honor and Best Man and my two cousins are bridesmaids. My uncle Rocky will be the officiant and our good family friend, David Griffin, will be playing the ceremony music. Both sets of parents have been very active in all aspects of the planning which as been so much fun, but they don’t have opinions. 😉
Do you have any advice for recently engaged brides to help them stay stress-free throughout the planning process?
  • The best advice I can give is hire Kailey! Ha! Just remember to have fun with it! You are only going to go through this whole process once so take the time to enjoy it and remember everything! A good friend suggested that I keep a journal throughout the engagement so you can always look back at the process.
What are you most excited about for the day of the wedding?
  • The thing I’m most excited about for the big day is getting to stand up in front of my most favorite people in the world and have their love and support when I say ‘I do’ with my best friend. The wedding and reception is going to be beautiful and thanks to Kailey it is going to be the perfect way to start forever with Bruce.
What are three words to describe the feel of your upcoming wedding?
  • A Good Time!
What made you decide to hire a planner?
  • First of all, I am not crafty – so a full DIY wedding was not in the cards for me! Secondly, my work schedule is pretty demanding, as is Bruce’s’. We really wanted to have a wedding that was stress-free so that us and our families could really be in the moment and enjoy it, and that is exactly what the day is turning out to be.


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