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Fall Trends 2012

August 22, 2012

Are you planning a wedding in the near future? We love updating you with the latest trends we are seeing so that you can take some of our ideas and incorporate them into your own wedding! Our fall wedding season has kicked into full gear and we are excited to share with you what our brides have chosen to include when it comes to the details of their big day.

This upcoming season we are seeing more and more couples incorporate unique details to make their wedding reflect their relationship with one another. We love seeing couples choose to personalize their wedding because that is what makes each wedding special and being able to share that with your family and friends that are joining you for this special day is a memorable experience for all!

Some ways we’re seeing this personalization included are: custom table numbers where each table is named after a city the bride and groom have visited or lived, personalized dessert bars (with the bride and groom’s favorite sweet treats), custom “logos” for the wedding day, and many other great ideas!

We are also seeing the vintage theme continue to play out in some of our weddings, but with a bit of a twist. Now some of our couples have chosen to do more of an elegant rustic wedding complete with long exposed wood tables and fancy chandeliers! These long rectangular wood tables mixed in with round tables add visual interest to the room and makes for an interesting flow.  These couples also tend to lean towards flowers with a more woodsy/ garden vibe. A bunch of our brides this fall are using lavender, basil, wheat, and other natural herbs and plants for floral arrangements.

We are also beginning to see some of our  brides choose to go the more modern route. These brides are choosing to get really creative with lighting, which is always a plus! Lighting can completely transform a room, so we are very excited to see this trend continue to evolve in new ways. Chandeliers, up-lighting, and down wash lighting can really create the mood for the room. Our favorite up-lighting color to use in ANY space is the amber color that gives the space a candlelight glow.

A lot of our brides are choosing to rent chandeliers and incorporate them in some way as well to add another level of elegance to the lighting . Some of them are using multiple large chandeliers to fill open spaces and others are clustering smaller ones to create one large chandelier.

Another trend that we are seeing lately is the use of ombre (taking one color and using varying shades of it from light to dark) in both flowers and linens.  The incorporation of the chevron pattern is something that we are also  seeing make a huge splash this year.  Whether you choose to use these patterns in floral elements or linens, these are great touches that  can make your wedding unique.

We love the use of the chevron pattern in these poms!

The use of the ombre element in the florals is a big hit. Its an easy way to create the look without being overwhelming. You can use the ombre floral trend in your bouquets, centerpieces, and even for your cake. One of our couples decided to use this look for their cake and they are having shades of purple flowers from light to dark, draping down their cake.

One last trend we are seeing for our fall weddings is they way couples are serving their meal. A lot of our couples are choosing to serve a plated meal when they want a formal and elegant feel to their event. Food stations are not a new trend, however we still continue to see these be popular options but with more personalized food selections that reflect the bride and groom’s tastes, culture, and up-bringing.  The family style service where large  platters of food are passed around at each table  is also becoming really popular for our Southern brides because they like the instant conversation and connection it creates for their guests.

We are looking forward to updating you with more upcoming trends in the future!  Happy Planning!

XOXO- A Southern Soiree gals

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