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Katie & Adam Engagement Session!

July 1, 2012

Katie and Adam are getting married this December and I am beyond excited for their wedding! They are such a FUN couple to work with and have the best personalities- you can tell from their story of how they met below! Thanks Azul for the great photos and awesome video of them playing a song together- so sweet! Video link- http://vimeo.com/43442290.

How they Met…

At Whole Foods…where you go to pick up all things good for you!

But seriously, Adam was working an out-of-the-blue grocery shift (instead of slaving away in his white chef’s coat in the kitchen) when Katie wondered up to an empty customer service desk. He saw her (cute girl in a cute outfit) and decided to stop what he was doing (trying to re-stock a mysterious grape juice) and see if he could be of any assistance. Katie had spent the day going around to local businesses with home-made demo CDs in an attempt to convince some kind-hearted proprietor to let her play at their fine local-artist-supporting establishment. Whole Foods was her last stop.

After Adam and mysterious grape juice said (very suavely), “Hey, how can I help you?” Katie turned around to look at him. The connection was instant and so overpowering that the rest of the conversation they had can only be remembered in emotions and not words. If hard-pressed, they will tell you something along the lines of, “blahblahblah music blahblah me too! blahblah *awkward pause* blah. *awk pause* blahblahblah open mic blah. blahblahblah [Here they are interrupted by people who actually work at the customer service desk, get the person Katie came in to talk to, business is discussed…then they leave and conversation between Katie and Adam (who has been hanging around unnecessarily with mysterious grape juice) resumes.] bla *awk p* hblahblabla…I’m going to go now. Ok. See you later, and good luck *awk p*!” Katie then walked out of the store and Adam went to continue hunting for a home for mysterious grape juice. He then came to his senses, went on break, and ran out of the store to find her. Realizing she had already left, he sat down outside to wait for her return…if she came back at all. While waiting, he texted his sister and bff Blake that he had probably just met the love of his life and watched her walk out the door. Katie never returned. He took matters in to his own hands, going back to the people Katie had talked business to and got her name from them (because in that blahblahblah above, she had said her name but he never wrote it down) so he could find her when he got off.

Meanwhile, Katie had returned home and gushed to her mother about the guy she just met at the grocery store and the conversation they just had, and how she was pretty sure he was going to ask for her number in any one of the numerous awkward pauses, but he never did. Her mom told her to go back right now and give it to him. Katie was embarrassed and didn’t want to go back. Her mom told her dad on the phone about what had happened, and dad told Katie to go now or she may never see him again. So, caving to parental pressure, she wrote her name and number on a post-it note (purple) and drove back to the store. She walked in and hunted through the aisles till she found him putting up cereal boxes. Adam said, “Hey!” then Katie shoved the post-it in his direction and said as quickly as possible and with hardly a stop for breath, giving him no room to say anything, “this is my name and phone number blahblahblah new in town blahblah jam together blahblah movie anytime blahblahblahblah call me?” Adam came back with a resounding, “Definitely!” and Katie once again booked it out the door.

He called her as soon as he got off of work that evening. She had neglected to tell him in any of the blahblahblah’s that she was living with her parents and she had given him the house phone because her cell was broken, so Adam was very surprised when her dad answered the phone. He took a message since Katie was out playing an open mic, she called him back the next day…and that was how the first domino fell!

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