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Wedding Etiquette Wednesday: Should He Ask for My Father's Permission?

March 7, 2012

So you have been dating for a while and you are finally ready to ask your girlfriend to marry you, but the question is, do you ask her father first? Of course it is not required to ask permission before, but traditionally, men ask the father’s permission for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Although this tradition has slowly been fading away, it is still considered a nice gesture and a sign of respect to ask for the father’s permission. What has been more common nowadays is to ask both parents for their blessing instead of just the father. Asking her parents will probably be more nerve-racking than popping the actual question to her, but it will pay off in the end. Gaining her parent’s trust and respect will help establish an open relationship with them and having that is good for everyone!

Certainly, asking permission is not a requirement. Be mindful of the type of relationship she has with her parents, this will help determine whether you should ask them or not. If you decide to ask her parent’s for permission, make sure you are sincere and respectful of their feelings. Express your intentions to them… they want to make sure their daughter will be taken care of and treated right. It never hurts to ask for permission. It can bring everyone closer together and make your relationship successful.

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