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Wedding Trends of 2012

February 14, 2012

We’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about trends we are seeing in the wedding industry. There are a lot of unique touches added to weddings these days and although some of them are subtle, such as style of seating or colors, they make a huge statement in the end. Check out some of our favorite trends we have seen recently or are seeing more of for 2012:

-Style- We are starting to see people turn away from the vintage theme and starting to have a more of a formal and glamorous feel. Not only are brides using this more formal trend in design and decor, but also in their menu selections, photography, location, and dress. The formal theme translates to a timeless look and feel for the wedding day.

A Southern Soiree

Very Glamorous!

-Decor- We have seen a lot of changes in decor specifically with linens and flowers. Couples are adding subtle differences in table linens. We are seeing more brides choose textured linens for guest tables, or cake tables and of course cocktail tables, as opposed to solids linens. In addition to linens, we have also noticed a change in flower choices. We’ve seen this especially in the more rustic/barn weddings. Wildflowers are becoming more of a popular choice rather than the traditional wedding flowers such as roses, peonies, and hydrangeas. Not only does it go with the overall theme of a rustic/barn wedding, but it is very cost effective. In addition, we are seeing brides choose to have a monochromatic look or even the ombre look for floral colors. Having different shades and tones in the same color palette helps to give the overall look a sense of cohesiveness, yet it has a huge impact.

-Seating- We are seeing brides come up with more unique seating arrangements. Brides are leaning towards a more family style seating arrangement with longer rectangular tables, rather than just the traditional round guest table. Usually this style tends to be more of a wooden, rustic look and gives off a very casual feel, which is also becoming more of a request. With the family style seating, brides and grooms have wanted to use this style in the way they serve their meal. Brides are opting to have larger portion sized meals passed at the table. This allows guests to mingle and get to know one another easier.

Family Style Seating

-Apparel- It seems as though not everyone is going with the traditional white or ivory wedding gown. We’re seeing our brides pick colors outside of the norm and picking light/blush pink and champagne tones for their wedding gowns. Plunging necklines are another aspect of wedding gowns that are becoming more popular. In addition, we are seeing more brides want to add some flare to their outfit, yet make it not as noticeable. Some brides are using funky wedding shoes to achieve this. In the last year or so we’ve seen a rise in brides focusing more on their shoes as part of their outfit. We see all sorts of colors (red, pink, metal gray, sparkles, etc.) that tie in with the theme of their wedding.

Food stations have been very popular these past few years, but brides want to be more creative with their food choices. Many are choosing not to have the traditional beef carving stations- we’ve had brides do out-of-the-box stations such as gelato bars, mini grilled cheese with tomato soup shooter stations, seafood raw bars, sushi stations, etc. Late night snack options are also becoming a huge hit! Brides and grooms are wanting to give their guests options after they have been having fun out on the dance floor. We have seen options such as fried mac and cheese, mini philly cheesesteaks, and sweet potato fries. YUM!

Gelato bar


-Music- For reception music we have recently noticed couples wanting bands/musicians that tie into the overall theme of their wedding. For example, for a country chic wedding we have seen couples choose to have only a bluegrass band (how cool!?). If you know your crowd well and you know a certain type of music they would want to hear all night…go for it!

-Favors- We have seen a lot of couples choose to give donations to charities or local organizations that mean something to them. We always recommend our couples choose a favor not just for the sake of having one, but to pick something that has a special meaning to them, or something that relates to both the bride and groom’s personalities. Some examples we have seen are food favors such as their favorite food, a grandmother’s famous pecan pie recipe, or a groom’s famous chili bottled up for guests to take home! And even a Jones Soda with their photo as the label!

A Southern Soiree



Can’t wait to see what other exciting new things our bride’s come up with for 2012 !

All the best,

The A Southern Soiree Ladies

  1. Great information and article. Thanks!

  2. Bobette Kyle says:

    Thank you for the detailed article, Kailey. There are some great new ideas here. I love that weddings are moving out of the traditional “box.” These days, a bride can *really* have whatever type of wedding she wants.

  3. Cigall says:

    Great summary of the top trends! Love that glamourous weddings are making a comeback. Thanks for sharing!

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