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Wedding Etiquette Wednesday: I don't like my ring, should I tell him?

February 29, 2012

It has become more common nowadays for the bride and groom to both make the final decision about the engagement ring. Couples are now going together to pick out the ring and soon to be brides are giving their future husbands options to choose from to make sure they get the right one. However, there is still a percentage of men (about 52%) that want to choose the ring all on their own or they may have a ring that has been passed down in their family and they want to share that with their bride to be. The question is…should you say something?

We feel that if you are truly unhappy with your ring then you should say something. We say this only because you should be honest with your soon to be husband and you will be wearing the ring for the rest of your life. With that said, you should be sensitive to the fact that he chose it on his own hoping to surprise you with a ring that he thought you would love. Make sure to be appreciative of his efforts, but let him know how important it is to you, because you will be the one wearing it every day.

We’d love your feedback on this sensitive topic…would you say something to your fiance if you didn’t the ring he picked out?  Have you ever had this happen to a friend or relative?  Let us know what you think on this subject!

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