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Garter and Bouquet Toss?

December 22, 2010

Kristi from Durham asks, Do we have to do the garter and bouquet tosses?

Choosing to do the garter and bouquet toss is up to you! You can do both, just one, or neither!

There are pros and cons to doing these two wedding traditions. Some of the pros include that because it is indeed a tradition, people may be expecting it to happen, which allows the guests to become more involved during the reception. It generates suspense for the guests and it’s a great way to get singles on the dance floor!  It also creates great photo opportunities. You are able to capture their laughter and looks of surprise, embarrassment and goofiness, as they carry out the traditions of the bouquet and garter toss. More importantly, it can be a lot of fun!

Unfortunately, there are a few negatives to these traditions. Many guests may not want to participate and then there are some guests that may act inappropriately if they do participate.  The big negative is that it creates less party time. If the dance floor is packed, why should you bring it to a halt? These traditions take at least 10-12 minutes to do, and the guests that aren’t caught up in the moment may leave.

In the end, it is your party and you should do what you want. Depending on your guests, these traditions can be fun, but if you decide to skip the garter and bouquet toss you will find that hardly anyone will miss them!

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