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I Love My Brides!

May 27, 2009

So, being a wedding planner is completely nutty sometimes.  There are days when I am crawling up my stairs to my house at 3 am because I can’t feel my feet, covered in sweat, food, flowers, etc.  To some this may not sound like too much fun, but this is what I live for!  Nothing is more fulfilling than looking at our beautiful couple’s surrounded by their friends and family, knowing that they will remember this day forever.

So on to my point 🙂  We recently had a wonderful couple, Renata and Justin who were married in Durham.  It was a fabulous wedding (photos to follow!) and I recently came across her blog post about us which gave me chills when I read it.  Reading it truly warmed my heart and made me realize that the I love my brides to pieces and knowing that I made a positive impact on their day, rather it be large or small, means the world to me!  Check out her post below:

Cara and her staff were amazing. She actually helped us plan 2 weddings since our first venue fell through 3 months before after we had been planning well over a year! Every step of the way Cara was there to help us get everything together. She answered countless questions, never let a phone call or an email go unanswered and was always on top of whatever task needed to be done. The day of went a bit crazy when the power at our reception venue went out 15 minutes into the cocktail hour…. NIGHTMARE! But she and the rest of our vendors worked tirelessly to ensure that everything that could be done, was done & that everyone still had a great time.

She fielded all kinds of deliveries to her house as I was planning from out of state. Her home became a storage place for our personalized napkins and stir sticks, photo books, lance crackers and whatever else we needed. She put together and delivered the NC themed welcome boxes for us – absolutely anything we needed she did, and I can’t thank her enough.

The reception venue was immaculately gorgeous. Which is the biggest compliment of all, because she managed to take all the things that myself and my wacky family created and put them together to make something truly beautiful and unforgettable. I knew I could really relax the day of because whatever problems there were I knew that she would take care of it. I don’t think I would have been able to really enjoy the wedding without her.

At the end of the night when our car (scheduled through the hotel) didn’t show up …her assistant Stephanie drove us to the Umstead! I’m telling you- whatever it takes, they will do it to make it right. Love them all to bits.

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