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Whitney and Steve

August 1, 2008

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I know it’s been a while since I blogged, but it has been INSANELY busy! I just got this sneak peek from Whitney and Steve’s wedding and I wanted to share it with you all!

I had been working with Whitney for quite a while and it was so great to see all the hard work come together. When we originally met, Whitney brought Jessica Simpson’s wedding book and said “This is what I want!”. Some brides are very unsure about the look and feel of their wedding, but Whitney knew right away. Pink, roses and romance was all she wanted! Whitney and her family were such a joy to work with, we had lots of laughs, even while we were stuffing endless numbers of welcome bags 🙂

They were married at the end of June at the University Presbyterian Church in Chapel Hill. Whitney’s dress was to die for! She is so tall and gorgeous, she would have looked amazing in a paper bag, but I truly fell in love with her dress. Her veil was the icing on the cake. It was cathedral length with accents of the lace that appeared on her dress.

After the ceremony, guests headed over to the Carolina Inn courtesy of limo buses from Capital Style. The guests enjoyed a beautiful cocktail hour on the front lawn of the Carolina Inn, complete with a jazz band and pink lemonade cocktails, while we stayed at the church to finish up pics with the amazing Joey Seawell. He is so much fun to work with and I just can’t say enough about how beautiful his images are. Whitney and Steve left the church in a horse drawn carriage (even though Whitney was allergic to horses, mild anxiety attack on my part!) and arrived on the front lawn to greet their guests.

Once inside, guests were met with pink draping covering the existing hallways from CE Rentals in Raleigh. Rick Bryda from Total Production Services lit up each room in gorgeous pink lighting and the couple’s new monogram. Lyn Graves from Fresh Affairs created all the AMAZING centerpieces and floral accents in the rooms. They used thousands of pink roses to make sure Whitney had exactly what she wanted. We brought in a cigar roller from Coastal Cigars in Charleston who rolled cigars on the spot for guests to enjoy in the courtyard. There was also a martini ice luge in the lounge with pink couches for a little relaxation. Entertainment was provided by The Maxx from Atlanta and let me tell you, they can put on a show! They were great! Later in the evening the staff from the Carolina Inn brought out milk and cookies (pink of course) for a little late night snack. As the evening drew to a close, guests grabbed their cupcakes made by Sweet Memories (they were so yummy!) and headed out to see the newlyweds off in their pedicab.

It was a beautiful wedding with lots of personal touches, which I love. The next day I got a call from Whitney at the airport when she found out they were going to Aruba for 2 weeks. What a great surprise, future grooms take note! Congratulations Whitney and Steve, I will miss you!

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